The Sinclair Broadcast Group is an enormous right-wing media conglomerate that routinely forces local news stations across the country to run its partisan propaganda. They’re trying to merge with Tribune Media, gaining access to 72% of American households. That means they could stream right wing propaganda directly into your living room.

If this merger prevails, we can say goodbye to local news as we know it.

The Sinclair -Tribune merger is the biggest threat to your local news, and possibly the institution of free and fair press. The scariest part? This is probably the first time you’ve heard about it.

We’re trying to fix that. But we really need your help.

force the Senate to hold hearings TAKE ACTION

⟱Contact your Senator and STOP right-wing Sinclair from expanding its reach⟱ 


I urge you to call for hearings on the Sinclair-Tribune merger. This merger is a death sentence for local news. If approved, it would create the largest TV news monopoly in history, which means less competition, higher costs for consumers and more biased coverage.

This deal is only possible because of the rampant deregulation enacted by FCC Chairman Pai and the Trump administration. The FCC has literally changed the rules to pave the way for this deal.

This deal harms the American people, too. Under this merger, Sinclair would have access to 72% of American homes. Their content — which is FAR from objective, it leans hard right — would be broadcast into almost three fourths of all American living rooms.

No matter your political leaning, you cannot allow glorified propaganda to become the new local news. Before sacrificing local news as we know it, please, call for hearings on this shady merger between Sinclair and Tribune Media.